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Joe Jonas Was So Confused By Sophie Turner’s “GOT” Body Double

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Joe Jonas almost kissed Soophie Tuner's body double


Laura Butler from County Laois, Ireland has a striking resemblance to actress Sophie Turner so landing the role as her body double in “Game of Thrones” was the perfect fit. The 22 year old student says she never really saw the resemblance but the cast and crew regularly mistook her for her counterpart. She says, “In pictures I suppose I see the resemblance, but when I’m standing next to her or looking at her directly I don’t see it.”

Joe Jonas almost kissed Sophie Turners body double

Even Joe Jonas was confused by Sophie Turners Body Double

Turner’s real life husband, pop star Joe Jonas, was even so confused he almost kissed Butler thinking it was Turner while he was visiting the set. Bulter told a UK paper,  ‘I definitely take it as a compliment, it’s such a good compliment.”

Joe Jonas confused by Sophie Turner Body double




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