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Jennifer Lopez Says She Was Nervous To Show A. Rod “Hustlers” Film

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Alex Rodriguez is a fan of J. Lo's new movie


Alex Rodriguez has been a supportive fiance as Jennifer Lopez takes on all her concerts and events but how did he feel about her acting like a stripper in the new film “Hustlers.” J. Lo recently said she was nervous as she sat next to him during the films first screening. “I’m wondering what he’s thinking. Is this OK or are we fighting later?”, she said. She continued, “It could go either way. This could be good, really great. I could be having the best night of my life right now or the worst.”

Luckily for Jen the film is getting rave reviews, including the support of fiance A. Rod. She said, “At the end of it, people start clapping and I was like, literally, I had a knot in my stomach and I was just woozy.”

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