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Find Out What Part Of “Fight Club” Was Totally Real

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Ed Norton reveals secret from Fight Club movie

Edward Norton and Brad Pitt‘s film “Fight Club” is a cinematic masterpiece. One would presume all the fight scenes were very choreographed or done with stunt doubles to protect the highly paid star actors. Norton just revealed on ‘The Tonight Show” that one epic line from the film came from an actual punch he threw at Brad Pitt.

20 years after “Fight Club” was released, Norton admits, “It’s the first punch in the movie and I hit him in the ear. [Director David] Fincher came up to me and said, ‘Hit him, connect with him somewhere.’ I didn’t know what to do and I hit him in the ear,” Edward explained. He continued, “He says in the film, ‘Ow! Why the ear?’ Yeah, that was real!” Check out more stories from Ed Norton in the video below.


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