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Celebs Have Some Pretty Sweet Quarantine Set Ups (Pics)

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Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth reminding us to stay in doors while we stare longingly at his enormous kitchen!

Celebrity Quarantine Pics

Everyone is being told to maintain social distance and quarantine, celebrities are no exception. That being said most celebs quarantine set up looks like a luxury vacation for the average person. While most people are trying not to go stir crazy with limited space to roam the famous people in this gallery are living the dream in quarantine. Check it out:


Martha Stewarts Kitchen

Martha Stewart and literally every single copper pot and pan in the world


Soccer player Cesc Fàbregas in his balcony gym overlooking the worlds collapse.


Justin and Hailey Bieber somehow fighting through these difficult times in their warehouse-sized living room

Nicole-Richie private garden

Nicole Richie has a private garden and private eggs. Can I stop by if I run out of supplies?

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

How will Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez cope being locked in with only their football sized backyard to roam around?

Lauren Conrad

You think Lauren Conrad would let me stay in her amazing pillow fort? It’s prob the size of my whole apt.

Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas won’t have any trouble storing food items. Look at the size of this fridge.

Courtney Cox

Courteney Cox wants us to keep on keepin’ on next to her massive windows to the world.

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian’s struggle to maintain in her massive field!

Jennifer Aniston

LOL Jennifer Aniston’s dog gets to ponder life with an amazing view. Meanwhile I’m gonna go stare at my bedroom ceiling.


Ireland Baldwin struggles to maintain a smile while standing in her personal park..I mean backyard.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger enjoying his private hot tum!


Lastly, Kylie Jenner wants us to know that if she can survive quarantine. Well, we all can do it!


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